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Hrt Attak - Melted Cassettes - The Real Sounds From Hell Recordings (CD, Album)

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  1. Sharp CD-BH Sharp W 5-Disc Mini Shelf Speaker System with Cassette and Bluetooth out of 5 stars Philips FX10 Bluetooth Stereo System for Home with CD Player, MP3, USB, FM Radio, Bass Reflex Speaker, W, Remote Control Included.
  2. Alright, let's kick this off - what was the first 8-Track, Record, Cassette, CD, or MP3 you bought (skip the formats you've never purchased - not everyone is lucky enough to have experienced the.
  3. Nov 27,  · Instead I recommend recording in uncompressed WAV files at CD quality (kHz sampling rate at 16 bits) or higher. Then, if you’re really concerned about hard drive space (though with the price of USB hard drives dropping like a rock, I wouldn’t be), you can compress the files as lossless FLAC or lossless ALAC.
  4. Nov 25,  · I have never owned an A/D converter, though, I just use the two tracks provided in my computer's internal soundcard. Once again, I can't afford a digital set-up. My 6 track cassette recorder was 75 dollars. Decent cassette tapes are dollars. Someday, I will upgrade. For now, though Cassette is my favorite and I think it sounds pretty.
  5. This is a recording of a transcription of the very real tape’s contents. Ray forced the women he abducted to listen to it while bound. The corporate fashion in which he discusses the tape itself at the beginning, as if it’s an instructional tape on using Microsoft Word, shows a cold detachment that’s hard to believe.
  6. Recording With Cassette Tapes. Although digital recording has gained much ground, audio tapes are still useful for all your recording needs. You can record notes and audio journals with cassette tape recorders, or copy audio from various sources onto cassette tapes with certain cassette decks.
  7. Another month and it’s good to see that Peaceville’s masterly re-issue scheme continues unabated. This time round Darkthrone’s legendary ‘Total Death’ has received a makeover that sees it presented in a super-jewel case complete with four-page booklet and, as was the case with ‘Panzerfaust’, a bonus disc containing an audio commentary courtesy of both Nocturno and Fenriz.
  8. Nov 29,  · Does anyone know anything about recording on cassette tapes and what the best tapes I could get would be. I saw some 30 minute type II TDK cassette tapes on ebay labelled as professional studio master tapes. Also had real good luck with Denon HD8 tapes through the years. Guitarded, Nov 29, # an LP dubbed to cassette can sound.
  9. Audio cassette tapes have been used for many purposes over the years beyond just pre-recorded music albums that you may have purchased at the store. Many people used home cassette tape recorders to capture precious memories such as music and vocal recitals, wedding audio, speeches, interviews, sermons, or lectures.

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